Introducing NMV’s Spring 2022 Cohort: 4 Projects Driving Progressive Change


By Jessica Salinas

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The NMV team and I are thrilled to announce the 4 amazing projects funded through our 2022 spring season: Represent Justice, Iconik, Stylebot, and the Gravel Institute! We also made a follow-on investment in Raheem, the creators of PATCH, a free app that allows non-police rapid responders to dispatch urgent care, provide resources, and de-escalate conflict for community members within minutes, and without dialing 911.

We can’t wait to catalyze even more funding, connections, and technical assistance for these groups. If you’d like to support these incredible leaders in any way, please reach out to NMV Investment Principal Phil Sanders and he’ll be happy to put you in touch.

Represent Justice turns stories into action to change the justice system, while building the capacity of system-impacted communities.

How You Can Help: Make a donation! They’re especially interested in support for their Ambassador Program, in which formerly incarcerated nonprofit leaders, advocates, and artists participate in a year of trauma-informed storytelling training and then share their narratives via video, audio, print, public speaking, and more.

Iconik is building cutting edge technology to empower individual investors, investment advisors, funds, and foundations to have a stronger voice in the companies they're invested in through their shareholder voting power. Their mission is to shift the balance of power from corporate managers back to people.

How You Can Help: Invest in the company, or introduce them to potential investors, impact-oriented wealth managers, investment advisors, asset managers, and high-net-worth individuals.

Stylebot is a virtual editing assistant that helps professional writers save time without sacrificing quality. Their mission is to empower writers and editors to produce accurate, ethical, and inclusive work by creating the next generation of reference material.

How You Can Help: Invest in the company or introduce them to an investor! They’re particularly interested in meeting investors and mentors with experience in media, SaaS, and/or marketing.

The Gravel Institute is a crowd-funded organization creating short videos to combat right-wing disinformation and bring progressive ideas to new audiences. 

How You Can Help: Make a donation or introduce them to a funder! They’re particularly interested in connections to philanthropic foundations.


As a reminder, if you're interested in joining NMV in supporting these projects, please reach out to NMV Investment Principal Phil Sanders and he'll be happy to connect you with their leaders.

If you want to help spread the word about these amazing groups, please send this blog post to your network and share our Twitter and Instagram posts!

If you’re looking for funding for your startup, send us your information via the Startup Intake Form on our Criteria & FAQ page!

And if you’re interested in funding the next wave of progressive innovation, we’d love to connect. Please reach out to NMV President Carlissia Graham.