Announcing Our 2019 Investments


By Julie Menter

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New Media Ventures is proud to announce our 2019 recipients, who together will receive our largest round of funding ever – a total of $1.5M. These 17 organizations are on the front lines of our democracy, building the tools, platforms, and systems that vulnerable communities and progressive organizers need to make our society better for all.

At NMV, we see investment as a mechanism for societal change, and work to redirect capital toward the entrepreneurs and activists tackling the biggest challenges facing our democracy and society today. We look beyond expected opportunities to find the most innovative and effective approaches to creating lasting change.

The 17 recipients fit that model – and include a range of frontline organizing groups, progressive tech ventures, new media startups, and democracy infrastructure organizations. Because innovation comes in many forms, NMV supports for-profit and nonprofit organizations, as well as collaborations. You can read more about these amazing projects here.