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October 14th, 2020

We're Hiring! Apply to Be Our New Entrepreneur-in-Residence

By New Media Ventures

Calling all serial entrepreneurs and seasoned advisors! If you’re excited to pass on your wisdom and coach the next generation of progressive changemakers, we’ve got an opportunity for you. New Media Ventures is hiring an Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) to serve as the main point of contact for our founders. We’re looking for an attentive coach and brilliant strategist to support our portfolio, focused especially on our newest cohort, which will be announced in mid-November (see the list of finalists here). Your job is to help our startups navigate the tricky parts of scaling their work, from fundraising and hiring to staying on top of the latest industry trends and best practices, as well as to help build community amongst our portfolio members.

This is a part-time role (8-10 hours/week) that can be done remotely, a perfect fit for someone between big projects or with a flexible schedule and extra time to share their knowledge. Further details below, and please apply by the deadline on November 15 11:59 pm PT! Ideally, we’re looking for someone to start between mid-December and the first week of January, although we can be flexible by a few weeks for the right person. 


New Media Ventures (NMV) is a mission-driven venture fund and investor network that invests in entrepreneurs and activists wrestling with the biggest challenges facing our democracy. We work to shift power to benefit more people, and look to find, finance, and support companies and organizations that are telling new stories, building advocacy movements, and driving civic engagement. In the past 10 years, we have supported 89 startups, from Upworthy and Blavity to Indivisible, PushBlack and New/Mode. 

This year’s Open Call was our largest ever -- we received over 1400 applications, over double our previous record.  This year’s finalists were our strongest group ever, with a great mix of very early-stage groups and some groups farther along with their business and impact models. Moreover, 85% of our finalists are led by people of color, including 45% led by Black entrepreneurs.  We are thrilled at the opportunity our new EIR will have to help such a diverse set of startups. The EIR will help both for-profit and nonprofit startups of varying experience, size, and traction solve complex problems facing our democracy, from upgrades to the political messaging supply chain to building new models for local media. We are looking to hire someone with passion and experience helping early-stage startups grow, and envision the EIR refining and building on the support we offer our startups. 

The application deadline for this role is November 15. Since NMV is committed to democratizing access to capital and supporting a diverse community of entrepreneurs on the frontlines of change, we particularly encourage people from communities traditionally marginalized and excluded by the philanthropic and investment industries to apply. 

Position Description

Location for this position is flexible and can be based in the Bay Area (the NMV office is in Oakland, CA) or remote. Start date of December 2020 or January 2021, ideally before Jan 6, 2021

The EIR will:

  • Provide direct coaching to our portfolio of startups, which may include a range of relationships, some higher touch and some lower touch, based on each individual organization’s needs, experience, and trajectory. This may include, among other things:
    • One-on-one conversations over phone or email to provide advice, network connections, etc.
    • Topic-specific advising to provide consistent support on a wide range of areas such as pitching, finding tech vendors, hiring (or firing) practices, etc. 
  • Facilitate and expand the free tech resources program for portfolio startups, including finding and negotiating deals with companies that offer free software to early-stage startups (e.g., Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Credits)
  • Plan, coordinate, and execute recurring webinars for portfolio startups
    • Webinars have historically spanned a broad set of topics, from peer-led panels on bringing products to market, to expert-led discussions on new legislation or fundraising trends that might affect founders
    • Webinar frequency is not set, but generally NMV aims to provide webinars 1-2 per quarter
  • Play an active role in the NMV community, including managing the NMV founder Googlegroup, membership maintenance, thread moderation, and being available to answer logistical or discussion questions as they arise
  • Pilot new ways to support portfolio startups, e.g.,
    • Leverage NMV research on the needs of first-time founders to create high-impact interventions  
    • Expand the community of mentors available to support startups 
    • Explore partnerships with other organizations (e.g., civic innovation consulting firms or incubators) to offer additional support to startups

Candidate Requirements:

  • Available at least 8-10 hours / week supporting NMV portfolio startups for at least 12  months starting Dec/Jan
  • Experience starting, leading, and/or advising early-stage startups (either for-profit or nonprofit)
  • Self-directed and independent worker; skilled at shaping strategy out of ambiguity
  • You thrive in inclusive environments collaborating with people from a broad spectrum of backgrounds
  • Deep understanding of the experience of entrepreneurs of color, and significant experience with DEI and anti-racism work
  • A listening orientation: excited to patiently hear from startups and serve as a trusted and empathetic advisor
  • Team player who is equally willing to think through the direction of entrepreneur support or work through the minute logistics of a webinar
  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Access to a network of funders, founders, and other professionals who are excited about and willing to support early-stage progressive startups

Candidate Pluses (not required to apply):

  • Deep experience and network in the progressive movement
  • Deep understanding of electoral campaigns, the media industry, and/or civic innovation
  • Investment (VC, PE, etc.) or grant-making experience
  • Direct experience working on social and environmental issues that NMV seeks to address, particularly those that affect underrepresented communities

What to Expect from Us:

  • Up to $8K/month, commensurate with experience
  • Behind-the-scenes access to the most inspiring progressive startups set to lead the movement through and out of crisis
  • A team with a sense of justice, and a sense of humor
  • A low-ego, high performance culture, with a collaborative and flexible work environment

We also recommend checking out the following information about our work:

Ready to Apply? There are 2 simple steps to fill out through this form

In lieu of a cover letter, answer the following questions:

  • Why are you interested in this position? (Word limit: 150 words.)
  • Imagine you are going to set up 3 separate webinars for early next year, with two external speakers each, aimed at supporting entrepreneurs in our 2020 Groups to Watch with the kinds of problems you imagine that are likely to be common threads for at least a third of those groups. For each of those three webinars, give us:
    • The name of the webinar
    • A description of what topics it will cover (<100 words)
    • Two people in your own personal/professional network who would be great speakers and who you think you have at least a 50% chance of being able to get for the webinar (assuming you can schedule around their calendar!)
  • One of the roles of the EIR is to nurture community amongst the entrepreneurs in our portfolio. We do this for two reasons: (1) Our portfolio members face many common challenges and can learn from each others' experience to avoid common pitfalls; and (2) they also often work together towards a common goal (e.g., electing a candidate they have both endorsed) or use each others' tools. Tell us briefly about a context when you have helped build or nurture a community, and two lessons you learned from that experience that you would apply in this context. (Word limit: 200 words.)

Upload your resume. Please do NOT include a photo of yourself on your resume. 

Application Note: The application is hosted in Airtable, and will not autosave your responses. We recommend working on your answers in a separate doc and then uploading to Airtable when you are ready to submit. 

Apply by November 15th.