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2020 Open Call*
New Media Ventures

The 2020 Open Call is now closed. We will be announcing our investments in summer of 2020.

Open Call will resume
Early 2021
Our current open call is closed.
Interested in our next one? Click the link below, and we'll be in touch.
Our Criteria
We focus on scalable solutions from diverse, mission-driven teams, and are especially eager to hear from startups that are:
Shifting Power
Restoring power to citizens and communities requires bold vision and large-scale change. How can tech and media help?
Building Movements
Together we are capable of amazing things. How can innovation accelerate movements for racial, gender, economic, and environmental justice?
Changing Narratives
Stories inspire action and culture has the power to accelerate social change. What’s the next chapter for media and messaging? How can new voices change the way we see the world?
Sparking Civic Engagement
To create the vibrant democracy we know is possible, we need everyone involved. How can technology help recruit and empower folks like never before – from voters to volunteers to candidates?
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2020 Open Call*
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