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The Movement Cooperative

Providing the best available data, technology, and resources to the progressive community

Spread the Vote

Obtaining government-issued photo IDs for eligible voters in voter ID states


Predicting how content changes people's minds


Creating prosperity for working families by helping them save and advocating for policy


Helping voters know what they're voting for all the way down the ballot

Weird Enough Productions

Using superheroes and comic books to teach middle and high school students how to combat fake news

Run for Something

Recruiting and supporting young diverse progressives to run for local office

Resistance Labs

Using mass peer-to-peer texting to fill critical gaps in the Democratic Party's outreach

Pay Your Tuition

Helping families access capital for higher education costs so students obtain their degrees


Connecting members to each other and helping them get involved in the political process and their own communities


Restoring dignity by transforming access to social services


Enabling progressives to manage their events and volunteers

Equality Labs

Providing digital security curriculum and trainings to help campaigns and advocacy groups reduce risk

Sister District

Sister District harnesses the energy of volunteers in deeply blue (or red) places and channels it to where it can make a real impact

Town Hall Project

Making civic engagement more accessible through crowdsourcing and digital outreach

Notifica, a project of United We Dream

Helping undocumented immigrants send secure messages to their support networks when they need it most


Monitoring for transparency and accountability


Advancing equity and justice in America through a community of leaners, builders and activist solutions

Swing Left

Ensuring we take back the house in 2018 by helping progressives connect to and take action in their closest Swing District


Organizing a progressive grassroots network of local groups to resist the Trump Agenda


Mobilizing movements that are not just Pro-Latinx, but pro-Black, pro-woman, pro-queer, and pro-poor

Pantsuit Nation

Connecting members to each other and helping them get involved in the political process and their own communities

Daily Action (merged with Move On)

Making civic engagement easy and painless, with a single action every day


Connecting high-quality tech experts with high-impact progressive volunteer opportunities

Online SOS

Providing free confidential, professional support to individuals experiencing online harassment


Peer-to-peer texting tool for campaigns and advocacy


Friend-to-friend canvassing creating a nationwide network of local civic influencers


Targeting state legislature races where winning just a few seats can flip a whole chamber of the state legislature


Creating immersive online learning environments for professors, organizers and experts


Helping groups work together on effective political action and encouraging others to do the same


Bringing Asian American communities together online and offline to reimagine Asian American identity

OUR Walmart

Working to ensure that every associate, regardless of title, age, race, or sex, is respected at Walmart


Making time travel believable with location-based virtual reality


Working to win paid family leave for everyone in the United States

Mobil-Eyes Us, project of WITNESS

Harnessing the power of live video and task-routing tools to help frontline activists tap into networks of supporters

MPower Change

Mobilizing diverse Muslim communities throughout the US to build social, spiritual, racial and economic justice for all people

DreamRider Productions

Engaging, inspiring, and empowering kids to become agents of change in their families and communities


Making it easier to vote with your wallet by tracking how manufacturers match up against your principles

Center for Technology and Civic Life

Using technology to improve the way local governments and communities interact


Using the power of mobile organizing to keep Black Americans informed about key issues and help them take action

Contratados.org / Centro de los Derechos del Migrante

Providing a crowdsourcing and labor-organizing platform for migrant workers

Culture Lab

Helping progressive groups and coalitions tap into the power of popular entertainment

Empower Engine

Generating interactive maps of census, voter, and analytics data


Automating data dirty work to free up time to focus on more important stuff


Helping local newsrooms meaningfully engage the public from pitch through publication


Providing resources, connections and community that help all kids and parents thrive


Helping progressive organizations achieve success through the use of data and technology


Acquired by GiveLively


Data and analytics for email campaigners and marketers


Merged with Win Without War


Helping exceptional multi-cultural creators and influencers reach a wider audience, amplify their message, and fund their hustles


Helping workers start, run, and win campaigns to change their workplace

Donate Labs / TakeCharge.io

Improving donation flow for nonprofits through a mobile-optimized, integrated service

Faithful America

Putting faith into action for social justice

Groundswell, project of Auburn Seminary

Organizing people who believe faith can be a force for good in the world


Creating a people-powered movement to end harassment

Million Hoodies

Building the next generation of human rights leaders to end anti-Black racism and systemic violence


Facilitating campaign collaboration on issues that cross borders – like climate change, trade, and corporate accountability


Reach a large, digitally savvy audience eager to participate in collective action

Attentive.ly (acquired by Blackbaud)

Increasing the engagement and reach of campaigns by tracking what people are saying on social media, identifying influencers, and improving targeting


Keeping track of what’s happening on social media, identifying great stories, and measuring social performance


No longer operating

ActBlue Civics

Powering fundraising for candidates, committees, parties, organizations, and c4s around the country

Daily Kos

Providing a progressive hub for news, community and activism


Curbing the growing power of corporations by mobilizing our community of millions


Holding decision makers accountable, creating a cost for sexism, and shining a light on the people and policies that are improving all women's lives


No longer operating


Letting you know when elections are happening, and making sure you have the information you need to vote with confidence

Story of Stuff

Creating a movement to look critically at consumption-crazed culture


On a mission to change what the world pays attention to (Merged with GOOD)

National Field

Helping the world's biggest change-makers measure change (Acquired by NGP VAN)

Strategic Districts

No longer operating

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