Who We Invest In
We look beyond expected opportunities to invest in entrepreneurs and activists with innovative approaches to progressive change.
Morgan DeBaun, Co-Founder, Blavity
Our Criteria
Morgan DeBaun
Co-Founder, Blavity
When we evaluate potential investments, we’re looking for:
  • Potential to scale quickly and effectively

  • Capacity to create progressive change

  • Ability to generate revenue with a robust business model

2020 Investments
Target Areas

Innovative Tools & Technology

Technology empowers people and enables new kinds of progress.

Media Platforms & Distribution

Content can change hearts and minds to inspire action.

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Advocacy Platforms

Empowering people to take change directly into their own hands.

Digital Organizing

Building power and making new forms of community possible.

Civic Engagement Tools

The future of civic life will be a seamless mix of digital and IRL communication.

Elections & Voting Systems

Voting and representation are critical to a functioning democracy.

Selected Investments


Helping local newsrooms meaningfully engage the public from pitch through publication

ActBlue Civics

Powering fundraising for candidates, committees, parties, organizations, and c4s around the country


Helping workers start, run, and win campaigns to change their workplace


On a mission to change what the world pays attention to (Merged with GOOD)


Using the power of mobile organizing to keep Black Americans informed about key issues and help them take action

Attentive.ly (acquired by Blackbaud)

Increasing the engagement and reach of campaigns by tracking what people are saying on social media, identifying influencers, and improving targeting


Helping voters know what they're voting for all the way down the ballot

Swing Left

Ensuring we take back the house in 2018 by helping progressives connect to and take action in their closest Swing District

We have over 100 startups in our portfolio

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We host open calls for early-stage startups seeking funding via our Innovation Fund. The most successful applications are beyond the idea phase. We have a simple set of criteria for those we fund.
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