Open Call Results Are In!

by: | Apr 04, 2016

The results from the New Media Ventures / Pluribus Project joint Open Call are in! At NMV, we are excited to support 4 non-profit groups with $50K in funding and access to our network of advisors and funders. We can’t wait to see the impact these groups will have on raising the voices of under-served and under-represented groups, and on advancing important campaigns, in this election cycle and beyond!

3 of the groups we are funding are also part of the Pluribus Project’s slate of Political Game Changers: a unique set of projects that include campaigners, entrepreneurs and researchers from across the ideological spectrum who are each developing new ways of making our political campaigns more responsive to broad public interests. 

Democracy Open Call: Think About Motivation, Not Just Information

by: | Feb 26, 2016

In our latest Open Call, hosted in partnership with the Pluribus Project, we encouraged projects that are working on fixing our democracy to apply. We were lucky to have 140+ projects, organizations and companies respond to our invitation!

It’s been fascinating to look across such a broad cross-section of innovative approaches to civic engagement and political campaigning that are  poised to make a difference in this election cycle and beyond. We’re writing this post to share the ideas we found most (and least!) compelling to help shape the work of entrepreneurs and funders going forward.

Can Money Buy You Love On The Campaign Trail?

by: | Jan 14, 2016

Next week marks the 6th year anniversary of Citizens United, the Supreme Court decision which unleashed a huge wave of money into political campaigns. As the sums spent on campaigns grow each cycle, so have the concerns that we are electing representatives who are more beholden to the donors who help get them elected than to us, the people who actually voted for them. This is a problem because we could end up with laws that benefit special interests over common interest. If donors didn’t play such an important role in getting politicians elected, perhaps we’d have seen a raise in the federal minimum wage or an expansion of background checks for gun sales this past year, in line with public opinion.

Some pundits estimate the 2016 presidential race could cost $5 billion in total, nearly double the $2.6 billion that was spent by candidates and groups supporting them in 2012.

Come Work At NMV: Executive Assistant Position Open

by: | Jan 11, 2016

Want to join our team? We’re hiring an Executive Assistant starting ASAP.

New Media Ventures is a small organization with a huge vision to find, fund and support media and tech startups driving progressive change. We are a fund and a network of forward thinking funders and investors pioneering new ways of supporting some of the most innovative startups in the progressive sector. We recognize that social and environmental change often requires political action, and we fund entrepreneurs who are unafraid to pull the lever of politics to make an impact.

We do all this with a tiny staff and nimble organization, and we are looking for a stellar assistant who will keep the trains running on time. This role is critical to ensuring that New Media Ventures runs smoothly and efficiently, particularly as we grow and scale our work in this election year.

2016 MBA Summer Fellow: Apply Now!

by: | Jan 08, 2016

We are now accepting applications for the 2016 New Media Ventures Summer Fellowship.

NMV Summer Fellows are MBA students who are either currently attending business school or have just graduated. They will spend the summer 2016 with the New Media Ventures team (exact dates are flexible).

The role:

This is a great opportunity to roll-up your sleeves and get practical experience in venture impact investing. You will:

  • Create a system to measure New Media Ventures’ impact and conduct an initial evaluation of our portfolio’s impact
  • Help conduct diligence on mission-driven start-ups
  • Strengthen our community of entrepreneurs, investors and partners by organizing events, writing on our blog and through 1:1 conversations
  • Work with a team of kick-ass, passionate people at the cutting edge of impact investing

New Media Ventures: 2015 in Review

by: | Jan 07, 2016


2015 Was Our Best Year Yet

To date, NMV and our investor network have invested over $7 million in 32 media and technology startups. We mobilized $1.9 million towards 12 startups this past year alone. We have reviewed hundreds of potential investments to get here. Looking ahead, we’ve already announced our next open call, in collaboration with the Pluribus Project, to find startups with innovative plans to fix our democratic process.

We find these open calls bring the broadest possible range of organizations into the funding process.

New Startups Funded

Our biggest news for 2015 was funding 11 new startups. They are driving progressive change from a variety of angles—media diversity, small-donor fundraising, voter participation, workers’ rights, community advocacy, and cultural change.

Questions about our current Open Call? Watch the informational webinar

by: | Dec 29, 2015

We are currently accepting applications for Projects to Fix Our Democracy. Projects selected will be considered for $50K in funding from New Media Ventures and more! If you missed the informational webinar about our Open Call, you can watch the recording online.

In addition, you can find answers to frequently asked questions on the Pluribus Project’s website (scroll to the bottom of the page). Finally, you can always email if you have any additional questions.

Deadline Extended for Innovation Fund Open Call

by: | Dec 29, 2015

The deadline for applications to the Pluribus Project & New Media Ventures joint open call for proposals has been extended until January 25th at 12noon PT/ 3pm ET.  We will be reviewing applications on a rolling basis, however, so we encourage everyone to apply early.

Thanks to all of you who have shared this call far and wide, and for your support of our mission to radically change how campaigns are won – and ultimately the kind of government we have – bringing us closer to the ideals of a republic that is genuinely of, by and for the people.

Our best wishes for a wonderful holiday season.