We’re hiring! Communications and Fundraising Associate

by: | Dec 07, 2016

We’re hiring a Communications and Fundraising Associate to grow our small but mighty team. It’s an incredible time right now at the intersection of tech, media and justice, and we’re excited to bring some new talent onboard to help us take our impact to the next level.

Your responsibilities:

  • Contribute to our external communications by developing a communications calendar, drafting posts for our Medium publication, managing our social media channels and sending out our newsletters
  • Support our fundraising work by drafting grant proposals and reports, managing our salesforce database and managing our calendar of donor cultivation events
  • Manage relationships with external vendors such as graphic designers and web developers
  • Pitch-in as needed to refresh our marketing collateral, organize events and more

The ideal candidate is a detail-oriented person with impeccable communication skills who will thrive in a fast-paced environment.

Making Money for Impact: 10 Approaches to Revenue for Social Change

Nov 17, 2016
Making Money for Impact

For impact-driven organizations, making money isn’t just about hitting the bottom line. It’s about resilience. Revenue is the means by which we make — and continue to grow — our impact. In the context of last week’s election results, the financial sustainability of impact-driven organizations is more critical than ever to ensure that the progress we’ve made on social, racial and environmental justice continues forward.

Mission-driven groups have historically experienced a tension between revenue and impact. This raises an important question: how might you grow your revenue and impact in tandem? The earlier you tackle that question, the more resilient your organization or business will be.

At New Media Ventures, we invest in startups that build movements, create new narratives and drive civic engagement. We’ve reviewed hundreds of companies and organizations for investment and have proudly financed more than 40 impact startups. We invest in companies like Upworthy,

The Results Are In! Innovation Fund 5.0 Winners

by: | Nov 16, 2016

We have just funded 6 great startups via the Innovation Fund! In our summer Open Call, we received a record 220 applications and we couldn’t be more thrilled about the work of the innovators who are joining our portfolio of changemakers.

We were lucky to work with an incredible screening committee of 10 experts, ranging from a program officer at the Open Society Foundations to a partner from the leading venture accelerator 500 Startups, who helped us evaluate the applications and choose the most promising ones.

Together, these 6 startups embody what New Media Ventures is all about: 2 startups are applying cutting-edge technology such as live video and virtual reality in new ways to advance social and environmental causes (Mobil-Eyes Us, Owlized), 2 are engaging and mobilizing underrepresented communities in creative and scalable ways (MPower Change,

NMV’s Fit Test: What We Fund (and What We Don’t)

by: | Aug 05, 2016

Person with checklist and pen

The Open Call for the New Media Ventures Innovation Fund closed a few weeks ago. We have just passed the first milestone in the diligence process:  we eliminated applicants from our evaluation pool because they did not fit within our funding focus.

We got a record number of applications with this open call – a 25% increase compared to our Open Call last winter. We’re glad the word is spreading about the Innovation Fund! In addition, 65% of applicants reported having a woman on the leadership team, and 60% reported having a person of color on their leadership team. We couldn’t be more proud that the Open Call helps reach innovators that are too often overlooked by traditional investors.

86% of applicants reported that is was easy or somewhat easy to assess whether their work was a fit for NMV’s investment scope.

Philanthropists: Join the Civic Tech movement!

by: | Jun 24, 2016

In late May, Facebook helped nearly 200,000 Californians register to vote simply by adding a prompt at the top of the News Feed for every Californian turning 18 by Election Day. A majority of these newly registered voters were under 35. This took only 2 days.

Technology can be an incredible tool to help accelerate the change we want to see, yet it is often dismissed as too complicated or even as a fad by democracy-focused funders. In a world where we spend a growing share of our lives online, those of us working to foster civic participation must embrace technology and reach people where they are.

In a world where we spend a growing share of our lives online, those of us working to foster civic participation must embrace technology and reach people where they are.

Recently, I spoke on a panel at the Funders Committee for Civic Participation(FCCP) about this topic along with Tiana Epps-Johnson from the Center for Technology and Civic Life (CTCL) and Cayden Mak from 18 Million Risingand VoterVOX

Innovation Fund Webinar Recording

by: | Jun 17, 2016

We hosted a webinar to answer entrepreneur questions about the Innovation Fund Open Call. Startups and projects selected will receive $50K in funding from New Media Ventures! Below is a recording of this webinar in case you missed it.

The webinar covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to New Media Ventures and the Innovation Fund
  • Orientation to F6S, the platform we are using for Open Call applications
  • Questions & Answers

We recommend watching the webinar before applying to the Open Call. If you have any additional questions, you can check-out our FAQs.

Finally, don’t hesitate to email innovationfund@newmediaventures.org if you need help. We look forward to learning more about your work!

Innovation Fund Open Call Webinar_16June2016 from New Media Ventures on Vimeo.

Innovation Fund Open Call Is Live: Apply for $50K in Funding Now

by: | Jun 06, 2016

We are excited to announce the Open Call for the New Media Ventures Innovation Fund!

New Media Ventures catalyzes progressive change by funding amazing technology and media startups that are making the world a better place. Our Innovation Fund finances early-stage, for-profit and nonprofit startups with $50K, participation in NMV’s startup support program and access to NMV’s network of angel investors. Apply Now!

Our mission is to support innovators creating progressive change, and we are particularly interested in organizations that are building political power to do so. While we don’t have a “theme” or focus-area for this open call, we will pay particular attention to startups in the following areas:

  • Uses for cutting-edge technology (such as virtual reality, drones, artificial intelligence, or the blockchain) that could create breakthrough progressive change
  • Mobile-first campaigning technology
  • Campaigning innovations such as distributed organizing models and deep canvassing
  • Solutions to win battles for climate action or prepare front line communities for a just transition
  • Mission-driven media platforms

Share Your Work: Apply to Pitch at the Netroots Tools Shootout

by: | Apr 21, 2016

New Media Ventures is excited to once again help bring the Great Netroots New Tools Shootout to Netroots Nation this summer!

This is your chance to (re)introduce the Netroots community to your voting, organizing, campaigning, make-the-world-a-better-place technology solution.

Got a product, app or feature you want to tell the world about? Just click here to submit your idea for entry.