Funding the Resistance with $1M to Tech & Media Startups Driving Progressive Change

by: | Jun 20, 2017

[UPDATED August 2, 2017: New Media Ventures has made three additional investments as part of our pledge to move $1 Million to progressive organizations this year. The new companies are AerialSpaces, Daily Action and Hustle.]

We are excited to announce that we have committed $1 million to a new cohort of progressive startups working at the intersection of tech, media, and politics.

After receiving more than 500 applications during our “Resist and Rebuild” open call for funding (up from 100 last year!), we narrowed down the field to 17 and are delighted to be investing in the following startups:

  • AerialSpaces: a full-service virtual event SaaS platform helping orgs & brands of all sizes reach global audiences in mass
  • Amplify: a mobile app for grassroots groups that gets members in the habit of taking their group’s recommended actions and cheering each other on
  • Daily Action: an SMS-based app empowering >270k citizens to call Congress with a quick swipe of the phone
  • Flippable: turning America blue by building a movement to flip states
  • Hustle: working to scale &

Julie @ PDF17: Three Things Funders Have to Let Go Of, In Addition To Their Money

by: | Jun 12, 2017

This year, I was excited to speak from the main stage at the 2017 Personal Democracy Forum in New York, urging investors and donors to become bridge-builders in order to meet this extraordinary political moment. In this video of my talk, I argue that funders need to think more like grassroots activists and venture capitalists. Bottom line: if venture capital can invest $120M to reinvent juice, surely we can raise $30M to save our democracy.


500 Applications to Resist & Rebuild

by: | May 01, 2017

NMV’s “Resist and Rebuild” Open Call closed in March, and we were eager to know whether the energy we’ve seen on the national stage would translate into a boost in applications. The verdict is in: we received a record-breaking 500 applications – almost twice as many as our last open call!

From filter bubbles and misinformation to storytelling and new models for journalism, this year’s applicants are really swinging for the fences. We’ve been impressed by the variety of inspiring projects, and see some early themes emerging. 

Can We Make Media Better? We See Reason to Hope.

by: | Apr 27, 2017

I took a break from social media and the news for two full weeks during the holidays. It was amazing.

When I got back online, I was struck — more than ever before — by how depressing much of the media I consume is. What am I supposed to do or feel when I read “Donald Trump just said this crazy thing (again)” or “fire/avalanche/gunman kills a bunch of people”?

Most of the media these days leaves me feeling angry, scared or helpless. Sometimes all three at once. And I know I’m not the only one.

Of course, this has been true for a long time, and many people ranging from Spark News (where I had my first internship!) and the Solutions Journalism Network have been working to make progress. But — as my colleague Christie outlined in her article about how media and social media undermined our democracy in this past election — rarely have the challenges of media been on starker display than they are today.

Seeking our 2017 MBA Summer Fellow: Apply Now!

by: | Apr 03, 2017

We are now accepting applications for the 2017 New Media Ventures Summer Fellowship.

NMV Summer Fellows are MBA students who are either currently attending business school or have just graduated. They will spend the summer 2017 with the New Media Ventures team (exact dates are flexible).

The role:

This is a great opportunity to roll-up your sleeves and get practical experience in venture impact investing. You will:

  • Evaluate New Media Ventures’ impact by refining our methodology and surveying our investors and the startups in our portfolio
  • Deepen your expertise in impact investing for progressive change by contributing to our thought-leadership
  • Work with a team of kick-ass, passionate people at the cutting edge of innovation and democracy

About You:

You want to use your sharp analytical skills to evaluate business models, and are lit up by the opportunity to drive social change.

Innovation Fund Open Call: Resist and Rebuild

by: | Feb 01, 2017

We are excited to announce the 6th Open Call for the New Media Ventures Innovation Fund!

New Media Ventures is a seed fund and network of investors and donors financing media and technology startups that build advocacy movements, create new narratives and drive civic engagement. Over the past 6 years, we have financed such powerful social change startups as Upworthy, responsible for making social good content go viral, and SumOfUs, a 10 million member movement for corporate accountability.

The New Media Ventures Innovation Fund finances early-stage, for-profit and nonprofit startups with $50K, participation in NMV’s startup support program and access to NMV’s network of angel investors.


In 2017, we’re investing in the future. Join us!

by: | Jan 20, 2017

Map of election resultsOn this Presidential inauguration day, we’re thinking a lot about the challenges in store for us in 2017. Over the next months and years, our focus will be to resist but also to rebuild, by helping to create the future we want to live in. We will be particularly focused at the intersection of media, technology, civic engagement and advocacy, where innovation can have an incredible impact. We’re thinking about how to make media work better for our democracy and look forward to your perspective to help sharpen our thinking.

We’re getting straight to work, and hope you’ll join us! We will be issuing the next Innovation Fund Open Call on Feb 1. During this Open Call, we will look for ways to burst filter bubbles, fight fake news and dark influence, seamlessly bring people together online and in-person to take action, and more.

Apply for the New Tools Shoutout at the BISC Conference

by: | Jan 05, 2017

We’re taking the New Tools Shoutout, a Netroots Nation favorite, on the road!

This winter, we’re partnering with BISC to bring the Shoutout to this year’s Road Ahead conference (Feb 1-3 in Las Vegas). We want to feature YOU and the technology you’ve created and/or used to make organizing easier and more engaging.

During this breakout, selected applicants will have the opportunity to pitch an app, product or technology that they’ve built or recently used directly from the Road Ahead stage. This is a great opportunity to showcase your work to peers, practitioners and potential partners.

Apply for the New Tools Shoutout by end of day on Monday, January 17th

The tools featured in this breakout must meet the following criteria:

  1. Applicants must demonstrate the impact this tool will have on the campaigns themselves and/or the field at large.