Six Rules for Reaching Out to Funders

by: | Dec 07, 2017

This is the final post in our series on fundraising for early stage entrepreneurs. In this piece, we discuss building funder relationships and lay out best practices that will improve your chances of securing funding from investors who support your vision! Thanks to Morgan Debaun (CEO and Founder of Blavity), Shannon Farley (Executive Director and Co-Founder of Fast Forward), Monique Woodward (Venture Partner at 500 Startups), Josh Stearns (Associate Director of the Public Square Program at The Democracy Fund), Morgan Simon (Managing Director of Candide Group), Taren Stinebrickner-Kauffman (Founder of and Jennifer Brandel (CEO and Founder of Hearken) for your expert insights. Join the conversation on Medium!

Photo Credit: Alexis Brown

Apply for the New Tools Shoutout at the BISC Conference

by: | Dec 05, 2017

For the second year in the a row, New Media Ventures is partnering with The Ballot Initiative Strategy Center on their upcoming convening – The Road Ahead 2018. Last year, we collaborated with BISC on their New Tools Shoutout and due to the positive response, we’re doing it again in 2018 – we hope you will join us!

The conference takes place in Las Vegas, February 14-16.

For those of you who don’t know, the New Tools Shoutout is a chance for the progressive community to demonstrate the technology, tools, or products they’ve created and/or used to make organizing easier and more engaging. Selected presenters will have the opportunity to pitch their app, product or technology from the stage.

Are you an entrepreneur using technology to make organizing easier and more engaging? Apply for the New Tools Shoutout by midnight on Monday,

Your Questions Answered: Webinar on the Investment Associate role is now live

by: | Dec 01, 2017

Thank you to everyone who participated in the webinar this morning. We were thrilled with the turnout and your questions were great! For those that couldn’t make it, here’s the recording. The application deadline is Sunday December 10th.

For more information, read the job description on our earlier post.

*A few people on the call asked is the position could be based outside of the US or if we could sponsor candidates who need a work visa. Here’s our answer: The candidate must be based in the United States. We will consider visa sponsorship for the right candidate. If you have additional questions about this process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to

Ready to apply? There are 2 simple steps:

  • In lieu of a cover letter, please fill out this form with your answers to the following questions (150 words max per question)

-Why are you interested in this position?

What Funders are Looking For: Five Key Indicators You’ll be a Good Investment

by: | Nov 28, 2017

As an early-stage entrepreneur, how do you make a great and lasting impression with funders? In this piece, we discuss five key indicators funders look for when making impact investments: excellent leadership, a solid business plan, the ability to learn, resourcefulness, and transparency. We spoke with Shannon Farley, Executive Director of Fast Forward, Morgan Debaun, CEO and Founder of Blavity, Josh Stearns, Associate Director of the Public Square Program at The Democracy Fund and Julie Menter, Principal at New Media Ventures about what matters most when assessing a startup. Join the conversation on Medium.

We’re hiring! Investment Associate

by: | Nov 16, 2017

Applications are now closed. Thanks to everyone who applied for the position!

New Media Ventures (NMV) is a mission-driven venture fund and investor network focused on innovation to advance progressive change. Our mission is to find, support, and finance organizations that are telling new stories, building advocacy movements, and catalyzing civic engagement. Over the past 7 years, we have supported 60 promising startups, many of which are now widely recognized pillars of the social change community, from Upworthy and Blavity to SumOfUs, Ultraviolet and Our recent Resist & Rebuild Open Call received 500 applications, and we are thrilled to be investing millions in new startups working to protect our democracy and advance social justice.

We are seeking an Investment Associate to help us take our reach to the next level. We are especially interested in democratizing access to capital and encourage people who are under-represented in the investment and startup communities to apply.

Taking off: How SumOfUs and CrowdTangle grew to scale

by: | Oct 12, 2017

You’ve founded a startup. You’re starting at nothing and trying to get “to scale” — whatever that may mean in your part of the world. So, how are you going to get there? In this piece, Taren Stinebrickner-Kauffman shares some tips on growing your startup, including how to pick the right metrics. As the founder of, Taren has a unique perspective on the organization’s growth story. Here she reflects on that trajectory and how strategic decisions allowed the team to harness user energy to effect change. She also interviews Brandon Silverman, founder and CEO of CrowdTangle, a for-profit SaaS company acquired by Facebook in 2016.  We hope you learn as much as we did from Taren’s insights. is a global corporate accountability watchdog organization that uses cutting-edge digital campaigning techniques to mobilize millions of consumers around the world.

Funding to Scale your Startup: From Angel Investors to Accelerators

by: | Sep 28, 2017

When you’re an early-stage entrepreneur looking to scale your startup, being strategic about fundraising is critical. In our last post we talked about creative approaches to capital that will help you get your startup off the ground. In this post, we’re focusing on securing funding when you’re ready to grow. We caught up with some of the sharpest entrepreneurs and most thoughtful funders in the field and asked them how to approach fundraising at this stage. We look forward to your feedback on Medium.

Photo credit: Flickr Creative Commons

How Funders Can Learn from Grassroots Activists and Venture Capitalists to Meet the Moment

by: | Sep 07, 2017

I recently returned from vacation with my family in Bordeaux, and have been thinking about my unique perspective as a citizen of both the US and France and how it’s informed my work at NMV. Here are some thoughts on what funders can do to meet this moment, how we can be better bridge builders, and what we should learn from activists and VCs to up our game.